Shark Cartilage Research

Shark Cartilage Research
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         Clinical Trial Abstracts

The following clinical trial abstracts are valuable in understanding the role of orally administered shark cartilage therapy in angiogenesis inhibition:

1. Vargas, Dr. Pedro Elias, Shark Cartilage Treatment in Venezuela, Nutritional Oncology Adjuvant Therapy 4th Annual Congress, October 1998

2. Davis PF, He Y, Furneaux PH, Johnston PS, Ruger BM, Slim GC Inhibition of angiogenesis of powdered shark cartilage in a rat model, Wellin_qtol7 Scl7ool of Medicine Bulletin 1997 Aug: 545-7

3. Oikawa T. Ashino-Fuse H, Shimamura M, Koide U, and lwaguchi T, A novel angiogenic inhibitor derived from Japanese shark cartilage, Cancer Letters 51, 1990 181-186

Lane, IW, Institute 3ules Bordet, Brussels, Belgium Effect of cartilage administration against a human melanoma xenograft (MEXF 514) in nude mice, COMPREHENSIVE RESEARCH Papers on the THERAPEUTIC Use of Shark CARTILAGE, 1989

5. Lopez Jose, Rodriguez Jose, Lane IW, Previous Human Experience - Cuban Clinical Trial, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Educational Conference, August, 1998

6. Lane, IW, In vivo Evaluation of Whole Shark Cartilage and its Analogs in PC-3 Human Prostate Cancer Xenograft Models, Nutritional Oncology Adjuvant Therapy 4TH Annual Congress, October 1998

7. In addition, two studies will be presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncologists' annual meeting in May. The first shows significant tumor growth retardation in animals fed BeneFin shark cartilage orally versus the control, and the second shows stabilization of fast-growing glioblastoma in human patients.

For additional evidence of the efficacy of shark cartilage as an angiogenesis inhibitor:

1. Brem H, Folkman J, Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis mediated by cartilage Journal of Experimental Medicine 1975, 141: 427-439

2. D'Amore PA, Anti-angiogenesis a strategy for antimetastasis. Seminars In Thrombosis and Homeostasis 1988, 14: 73-78

3. Moses MA, Sudhalter J, Langer R Identification of an inhibitor of Neovascularization from cartilage Science 1990 248: 1406-1410

4. Lane IW, Contreras E , High rate of bioactivity (reduction in gross tumor size) observed in advanced cancer patients treated with shark cartilage material -Journal of Naturopathic Medicine 1992 31: 86-88

5. Lane IW, Shark cartilage: its potential medicine applications -Journal of  Advancement In Medicine 1991 4(4): 263-271

6. Lee A. Langer R, Shark cartilage contains inhibitors of tumor angiogenesis. Science 1983 221: 1185-87

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