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Winning the War Against Cancer, MGN3 Ammunition

Winning the War Against Cancer 
MGN-3 Mushroom Ammunition
An Egyptian-born physician compares current cancer treatment to battling terrorists. By bombing a city, you can kill most terrorists, although innocent civilians will also be killed.

Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum
of Charles Drew University of medicine and Science in Los Angeles, compares current cancer treatment to battling terrorists. 

"By bombing a city, you can kill most terrorists, although innocent civilians will also be killed." "Chemotherapy, radiation or surgery are the cancer-equivalents of bombing," he says," and the beneficial white blood cells in the area are non-terrorist victims."


Natural Killer Cell Function Test 4-hour 51t Chromium-release assay:

Doctors can test NK cell activity by taking a blood sample from a patent and placing it in a vial containing live tumor cells. After four hours, a count is taken to determine what percentage of the cancer cells have been destroyed. The higher the percentage, the more active the cells.

Even after bombing, however, some terrorists may survive, as do those cancer cells that are resistant to the usual therapies. Rather than bombing the city again, however, Dr. Ghoneurn advocates sending in special forces to locate and eliminate the remaining terrorists one by one.

Dr. Ghoneum's development of a natural supplement called MGN-3 is meant to arm the body's Natural Killer cells to seek and destroy dangerous invaders.

The human immune system is comprised of more than 130 subsets of white blood cells. About 15% of them are called Natural Killer (NK) cells. These provide the first line of defense for dealing with any form of invasion to the body. Each cell contains several small granules which act as 'ammunition.' When an NK cell recognizes a cancer cell, for instance, it attaches itself to the cell's outer membrane and injects these granules directly into the interior of the cell.

The granules then 'explode,' destroying the cancer cell within five minutes. The killer cell then moves on to other cancer cells and repeats the process. As long as NK cells remain active, the body is able to keep disease under control.

The supplement developed by Dr. Ghoneum, called MGN-3, increases the efficacy of the NK cells. Additionally, it has other immune-boosting effects as well: it increases levels of interferon, a compound produced by the body that inhibits the replication of viruses; it increases the formation of Tumor Necrosis Factors, a group of proteins that help destroy cancer cells, and it increases the activity of T-cells and B-cells. This potent immune system booster is made of the outer shell of rice bran which has been enzymatically treat- ed with extracts from three different medicinal mushrooms: Shiitake, Kawaratake and Suehirotake. In Japan, these mushroom extracts have become the leading prescription treatments for cancer. 

Dr. Ghoneum's findings have been demonstrated in test-tube experiments as well as seven published studies involving 72 patients. In a study presented to the American Association for Cancer Research, he reported on five patients with breast cancer. Each patient was treated with the same dosage of three grams a day of MGN- 3 from a Japanese manufacturer. NK cell activity increased within two weeks and continued to do so as the study progressed. At the end of the six- to eight-month study, two of the patients were in complete re-mission. In a study reported the following year, 27 patients with various types of cancers including breast, cervical, prostate, leukemia and multiple myeloma were test- ed for NK cell activity by 51 Chromium- release assay [see Quick Definition] before and after only two weeks treatment with MGN-3.

NK cell activity increased 154-332% for breast carcinoma, 100-275% in cervical cancer; 174-385% in prostatic cancer; 100-240%  in leukemia and 100- 537% in multiple myeloma.

One multiple myeloma patient was a 58-year-old man diagnosed in 1990. He under- went several months of chemotherapy following his diagnosis. Although his condition seemed to stabilize, his blood still showed markers for multiple myeloma eight months after chemotherapy.

He then began taking MGN-3 and in less than 6 months, follow-up lab work showed no indication of cancer. Today eight years after his initial diagnosis, he is the first patient known to have survived multiple myeloma, according to Dr. Ghoneum.

Dr. Warren Levin, 66, a holistic physician practicing in New York City and Ridgefield, Connecticut, had suffered from an immune deficiency with an abnormal ratio of helper cells to suppressor cells since the early '80s. "I tried herbs, healers, intravenous treatments-all sorts of stuff. Several years ago, I learned about glyconutrients - carbohydrate molecules that play a critically important role in cell-to-cell communication. I began looking for glyconutrient sources. All over the world, native populations were using substances with high glyconutrient content including Aloe Vera, astralagus, echinacea and various mushrooms. 

At that point, I read an article about MGN-3. I was already taking Coats Aloe Vera Concentrate together with Beta 1-3, D- glucan (Macroforce), Ambrotose, and a thymus preparation called Basic Thymic Protein A as well as the usual vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I also did intensive mercury detoxification with DMPS. Last fall, I began taking six capsules a day of MGN-3. At the end of December, I sent my blood to the laboratory and when I returned from vacation I found that for the first time in 15 years, every one of my tests had improved well into the middle range of normalcy. That combination of supplements had finally reversed my helper-cell ratio. And normalized my mitogen/allergen responses and NK cell activity." 

  Dr. Ghoneum's latest study, reported in the International Journal of lmmunotherapy, involved 24 patients. Doctors tested NK cell activity in each patient, administered the recommended cancer dosage of 3 grams per day, and tested NK cell activity again after 16 hours, one week, one month and two months. After 16 hours NK cell activity had increased 1.3 to 1.5 times. After one week, activity had increased eightfold. At the end of two months, NK cells were killing 27 times more cancer cells than prior to taking MGN-3.

Unlike other forms of cancer treatment, MGN-3 is a totally harmless substance and has no known side effects. In the terrorist analogy, it doesn't kill innocent civilians. David A. Pitts, 73, a real estate salesman in Santa Barbara, California, had under- gone chemotherapy for lymphoma with no apparent results. "I had been getting weaker and weaker," he said. After a report on MGN-3, he sent for the supplement and began taking it while he was also placed on a course of intravenous treatment with trioxine, a relatively new drug. "In about three to four weeks on the outside, gosh, I started feeling better," says Pitts. "What really intrigued me was the idea that this supplement could enhance your immune system. When I began, I did a crash pro- gram of 14 capsules a day. Now I'm on a preventative program of four a day." At his latest CAT-scan, Pitts was in remission. "The doctor had no explanation of how or why this happened, and there's nothing I can prove. But I'm going to continue taking this for the rest of my life. What's in it is harmless and doesn't interfere with any- thing else." 

   Dr. Ghoneum has also used MGN-3 to treat hepatitis B and C and has done in vitro experiments demonstrating its action against HIV. He believes that individuals in "high risk" categories for disease can benefit from using MGN-3 preventively. These include:

Heavy smoker
   Heavy drinkers 
Individuals, such as artists and house painters, who constantly work with paint
   Those born with immune deficiencies
Families with a strong history of cancer
   Chemical and refinery workers 

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