Alternative Research Data Vault Policy

Alternative Research Data Vault's Mission 

"To make available to the general public and health practitioners the latest breakthrough research data."

This data mostly covers products from the smaller pharmaceuticals and natural health supplements companies and researched treatments not generally available.

We will post any valid research data 
at NO cost. 

You may submit your research by clicking on the Add Research button. All research data must be accompanied with permission to print. All information must be in e-mail form, graphics and drawings may be in .JPG or .GIF form. Cut and paste the data and graphics... Do NOT send as an attachment, we do not open attachments.

All information including the name, telephone and address of the researcher. All research must be verified by our office.

Because of the massive of research we already have to add and the time it takes to verify the data it may be 90 to 120 days before we will have an opportunity to review and post your research data.  If you wish a quick review your data you may wish to pay an early review fee of $200.00. Paying this fee does NOT guarantee that your data will be approved for listing but it will guarantee a review and checking within 30 days.

We reserve the right to reject any data for any reason we feel is valid. Although we do make every attempt to verify the data, we are not responsible for any misinformation. We are not responsible for any problems resulting from this information or it's use. This data is brought to you as a public information service and accept no further responsibility.

All of this information and research data may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Although some of the information are from Phase I and Phase II of FDA approved studies.

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