Shark Cartilage Research

Shark Cartilage Research

  Research Abstract: 
Shark Cartilage Contains Inhibitors of Tumor Angiogenesis

Science. September 1983, Vol. 221: 1185-1187

Shark Cartilage Contains Inhibitors of Tumor Angiogenesis

Anne Lee and Robert Langer Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Test: Neovascularization to V2 carcinoma implanted in the cornea of New Zealand white rabbits was measured to test the vascularization inhibiting ability of shark cartilage to solid tumors. The tumors induced vessels to grow towards them from the edge of the cornea. Table I shows the growth of blood vessels in the cornea of rabbits with and without shark cartilage treatment. Three different tests were conducted and the same result was observed in every test.

Inhibition of Capillary Growth

Conclusion: Shark cartilage contains a substance that strongly inhibits the growth of new blood vessels toward solid tumors, thereby restricting tumor growth.

Shark Cartilage is an angiogenesis inhibiting substance.

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